Being new in the yoga game, I am taking all of the opportunities I can to try as many different styles that I can. This way, I can see what really speaks to me and what is not my thing.

While Jenny’s gentle class is one of my favorites, while she was on family vacay, I got to try Yin yoga with a new instructor and I was pleasantly surprised!

There are significantly less postures in this style of yoga, but the poses that you are in, are held between 1 and 3 minutes for beginners. Apparently advanced practitioners will hold a pose for upward of 20 minutes.


Anywho, the point of this style is to dip into the tissue and facia of the body to really dig into the flexibility and strength of yoga. I could see how this works. Our very first pose was my least favorite posture…hero pose. My ankles HATE when I sit on them and I had to sit there and breathe for 2 minutes and do my best to not wiggle through the pain, but breathe through it. I actually felt my butt sink a tad lower as those ankles gave me a little because I had to sit there. Sitting with my toes pressing into the ground was hell too.

Who knew that these little parts of the body are allowed to get so tight and have limited mobility?!

I will say that around the 30-ish minute mark, I started to yawn.

Now this is where I checked out on yoga, years ago. I wasn’t sweating and I’m sleepy, what are we doing here?! With age comes wisdom. This is also a form of meditation, so when the yawns came, I put more focus on my breath.

At the end of this practice, I was relaxed yet energized. I feel like this is a great practice for home, I’m not sure that I could do this regularly in studio, but I would for sure dip into that class at least twice a month to support a home yin practice.

Even though there were quiet moments in this practice, the fact that it was new and I didn’t know what was next was distracting for my mind, which I needed at this time while I am mourning the loss of my sweet schnauzer Sammy.

Through my IG, I have started to connect with other people and instructors in the Dallas area, or coming though the Dallas area, to gain more exposure to more styles and different perspectives.

Next style to try will be Kemetic! I’ll keep you posted on that style and my journey in general.


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