Yoga vs Acrobatics


Hey there friends. I’m on a bit of a workout hiatus due to a small injury. This is where my patience has to kick in. For me to be able to practice, I have to heal, so I begrudgingly am on a small break.

With that being said, I have been yoga-ing with my eyes. I have a whole Instagram dedicated to journaling my practice and growth though challenges and of course following other yoga lovers of all levels.

Today, two posts really stood out to me from two accounts,doyouyoga and yoga. They both featured Cirque Du Soliel performers and their amazing gymnastics and contortions.

The comments went off with how this wasn’t yoga. While what they were doing was gorgeous and the shapes they were taking are also practiced in yoga, I had to somewhat agree. This is the type of representation that turns off new comers to the practice. This forces the notion that “I have to be flexible to do yoga.”

I went to each featured performer’s page and they both claimed acrobatics, gymnastics and Cirque as their disciplines. Not yoga.

I have also noticed the obsession with a handstand practice. It’s super cool to be able to just hop into a handstand, fun party trick! Even I have been guilty of trying to focus on that specific posture.

The more I go in my practice, I notice myself putting less emphasis on asana and more on the breath, mindfulness, ease in my joints and peace of mind. Asanas are becoming secondary in my practice.

I’m not sure if that’s the whole point, but that is what my practice seems to be morphing into. There are too many asanas and flexibility checks for me to obsess about, so my goal is to continue to work on mastering breath and movement. No matter what the movement, or how modified it is.

New yoga lovers, don’t look at all of the super flexible, super strong, super hard asanas and think that has to be you. Look at it with appreciation of that person’s probably YEARS of practice. Also, keep in mind that your fave may not even have a yoga practice! It may be gymnastics or acrobatics classes and careers. I want to remind you, like I have to remind myself, stay consistent in YOUR practice and be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small.

Shout out to me for touching my heels in Camel pose! 🤗

Just like this gut health situation that I’m dealing with, I have to meet myself where I am and work up from there in my yoga practice.

Im itching to get back on my mat for full practice. In the meantime, I’ll take care of my body until she is ready.


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