Sunday Acro and Ashtanga Monday!

I have been super yoga-tastic this week!  After last week’s insanity, I deserve.

Sunday morning, my sweet husband came along to be my partner for acro yoga!  He is more of a movement lover than yoga specifically, so he’s being super awesome coming with me to a few yoga events to just support and check out what I’m doing and see my progress!

We learned three different asanas and transitions in this super chill outdoor workshop and we had so much fun.  I flew on him and all 165lbs of him flew on little old me!  I could hold him up too!  My trainer will be so excited to hear that later today…lol.

The day ended with tacos, wine and a little patio time before we tackled the rest of our day.  Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Mother’s day, we celebrated with our sassy moms the day before.

ASHTANGA MONDAYS ARE BACK and here to put me through my paces!!  LAWD!  I missed that class more than I thought.  I came prepared this time, with a little bottle of water, a tank top and booty shorts.  Thank goodness I showed up ready, because she was not playing with us.  There was no skipping vinyasa today!  I sweat EVERYWHERE.  Like, how do I even have that much fluid in my body to come out?!  It’s so gross, but so detoxifying.  I slept like a CHAMP last night and woke up without an alarm this morning.

Observations from class:

  1. I was all up in my breath.  I really felt like the only reason I made it was because during the times that I wanted to just lay down and nap on my mat, I breathed through the discomfort.
  2. I am really strong!  There were quite a few poses that my brain was screaming “GET OUT!” but my heart was like, “UGH! Shut up, you have this.” My heart was right.
  3. I think my left hip has opened a tiny millimeter.  I was able to do some twisted binding poses on that side that I am normally a mile away from.
  4. I remember the order of asanas better than I thought, but my memorization of the poses still need work.
  5. It’s the style that I love to hate.  It’s so hard, but I feel so much strength by practicing Ashtanga.

So…I have gym time and weights today.

Gentle Yoga on Wednesday will be a welcomed treat and my body will be so excited to breathe and stretch and smile.  Totally taking Thursday off though.  Maybe a few sun salutations to start my day, but we’ll see how my body feels.

I am finally at a place where I don’t dread my workouts.  Changing my mind to looking at workouts as thanking my body has really helped my outlook and it makes me thankful to be healthy enough to keep it all up.  This yoga journey is something else!

PS—I actually got invited to an event in June!  That was new.  The chick that runs Brunch and Slay slid into my DM’s to invite me out to a June 2nd event.  That’s fun! So, I’ll be in attendance!  I’m really enjoying getting into the Dallas fitness scene.  Everyone is super sweet.


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