Turn Up the Intention Dial!

It has been a hot moment since I have blogged or flowed!  The end of the school year is starting and we are in the midst of state testing and I am beyond depleted at the end of each day, so while my flows have been sporadic, I have made sure to take a moment to breathe each day (being mindful of the breaths) and do at couple of postures here and there.  I really hope to get back on track soon and guess what will help that?

State testing will be ending next week and Ashtanga Monday’s are back on!!

I had a month of Ashtanga classes off and I supplemented with the awesome KinoYoga on YouTube.  While I was getting it done, it just wasn’t the same.  I missed the energy, the guidance and the rest of the girls struggling through it with me.

I didn’t realize the importance of this, until it went away.

I actually joined a Dallas Ashtanga group on Facebook to look for another studio to take an Ashtanga class because it has been a running discussion in my head, that I missed the practice.  Well that and I signed up for a portion of an Ashtanga workshop that is sure to kick my ass if I don’t get back in it before hand. 🙂

So going forward in navigating the Ashtanga world, I will be even more dialed in to class. Really practicing with intention to soak up all of the knowledge, really feel it in my body and pay attention to the order of poses.  Memorize the flow.  Be thankful for my teacher’s time and knowledge.

I think I enjoy Ashtanga so much because it is something that I can remember and practice without guidance (eventually), but it also will help me in every other style of yoga.  The poses give me room to grow since there can be so many modifications.  I also get a pretty good sweat out of it.

I say all of that to say, YAY!! for being able to continue my practice in the comfort of my home studio. I’m sure I’ll grow wings and try to experience other spaces and instructors, but right now, I’m good where I am.



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