You are the Boss of Me…for an Hour.

Today was exhausting.  I am a school counselor who is also a testing coordinator.  Testing season takes up a lot of time and energy.  The next two weeks, will drain me and today was just day 1.  Not only did I proctor a test, I completed the test, boxed it up to ship off for grading, caught up on e-mail and phone calls, wrapped up prep for two more tests next week, set up a parent meeting, went to a 45 minute meeting after school and then went back to my desk to attempt to finish.

I had not eaten ALL DAY.

I made a checklist for tomorrow and just left it all there.  Then a teacher texts me, while I’m on my way home, in meltdown mode, to which I of course, texted back to help support and soothe.

It took me 3 hours to peel myself off the couch to come into my little space in the house, pop on a YouTube flow and get my spirit right!

Yesterday, I did my own made up flow.  It was choppy and I was thinking a lot of what I should do next and what feels good and what needs help and…

“Maybe I should do this.”


“Oh, don’t forget your forever tight hamstrings, you need help there!”

Now, while the flow was good for my body…hello shoulder openers, I feel you today… and my mind was sharp and awake, I wasn’t as centered as I normally feel the next day.

After savasana in my little You Tube flow this evening, my mind felt so relaxed and the thought popped in my head…”It’s nice to have someone tell you what to do, sometimes.”

O.M.G. Light bulb freakin’ moment!!!!!

I make so many decisions every single day and I never realize how exhausting that is.  I am giving and thinking up new ways to inspire, or correct young minds.  I have do this while staying relevant and fresh.  That’s a lot of work and while it comes natural, at this point in the year, I certainly get depleted.

I love going to yoga classes and doing classes online because I DON’T HAVE TO THINK.  I just do and I have never needed that more in my life than right now.  The permission to not have to be in charge and not thinking on my feet for at least one hour is so freeing and joyous!

So for those of you that are like me, leaders, decision makers, nurturers, educators.  If you start feeling a little nutty, go to a class.  I of course would say yoga or dance right off the bat as those are my go-to forms of movement.  Any class will do though!  Take a moment and be a student and let someone guide you in what to do.

It’s a nice break.


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