Sun Salutations

As I’m trapped here at jury duty on this beautiful day, of course my mind wanders to my practice. I have taken the last two days off just to spend time with my husband and dogs and give them all of my attention and my body is itching to move.

Sun Salutations are a part of my Ashtanga practice, since that is the first sequence of movement in the series. I only dedicate one day a week to this practice and I focus more on other flows during the week.

I’m thinking that I need to bump that Ashtanga practice up to 2-3 times a week and keep building from there, I like the repetition of the movement and the opportunity to advance all of those poses. I have lots of room to grow in that practice.

Anywho, on days that I just can’t get focused enough to get a flow together or I’m tight on time, I think it would be great to do 10 sun Salutations a day! That would make sure I move every single day, work on my down dog (which I have decided is the worst “resting” pose in life), and get me nice and limber to either start my day or jump into a flow right after.

In regards to my splits and backbend focus, I read a great quote the other day. This yogi basically said they don’t drill particular poses anymore or focus on one posture because through their practice, they are strengthening and working on the flexibility anyway and the body will be able to do what it can do when it is ready.

I was so thankful to read that as I have put a ton of pressure on myself to “master” particular things and then I get frustrated that my body isn’t responding the way I expect it to. It’s probably because I am working on something that my body isn’t ready for yet.

So, today, I give myself permission to just practice. Through these little 30 day challenges and such, I’ll get the opportunity to be exposed to different asanas, but I am not forcing anything. I am going to just allow my practice to be what it is and I just know, one day, I’ll surprise myself by seeing that my shoulders or hips or hammys or whatever has opened up and it more and I’ll give a pose a try and just be able to do it.

I have a lot of stuff to unlock in my body before I need to make any pose a priority.

Final note: My husband is going to do an acro class with me! I’m so excited that he is so interested! It’ll be in a couple of weeks and I’m tickled pink to just try something new and fun with him!


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