Wanderlust 108

IMG_2794.JPGIn my quest to embrace, learn and meander my way to my very own yoga tribe, I have been looking for events to attend! Today was Wanderlust. My sweet husband came along for support and it was an amazing event!

For those that don’t know, I’m not a morning person. So asking me to workout at 8am is pushing it, but we dragged ourselves out of bed and got it done.


Me: IPod charged and loaded with the most fun jams, got my phone ready for photo ops and my WALKING shoes on. Countdown, 5,4,3,2,1…and off I walked. I was a sprinter, so anything further than 100m is too far for me, so I was content with my little 40ish minute 5k


*Stretching and jumping up and down* Countdown, 5,4,3,2,1 VROOM! Freakin cross country runner of America was GONE. He passed literally everyone but the 1st guy that was in the 1st wave. We were in the second wave. He’s just that good at these. We high fived on his way back…lol.

Yoga flow:

I love that they took the time to make this a community flow. I felt like everyone was focused and breathing and stretching as one. We tree posed linked to people next to us and all high fived one another at the end. We were sweaty, and getting tired, but still had all the energy in the world. Great flow. I was thrown off by the instructor singing us a little Wanderlust diddy during savasana, but she could sing, so I just went with it.


Slow to get into this at first as the guy was breaking down some knowledge, but once he started to guide this practice, I was in it. My eyes were closed, I felt my breath, I felt the breeze, the temperature change on my skin as the clouds covered the sun, I heard the birds and my thoughts passed through like leaves blowing in the wind it was heavenly. My first guided meditation will probably be a hard act to follow. There is just something about meditating in nature that really humbled you and connects you to the Earth and those around you.

The shocker was husband’s reaction to it. He is, by nature, an anxious, can’t slow down type of person. He emerged from this meditation smiling and chill and he looked at me and smiled and said, “That was amazing.” It made my hear happy.

Extra Class:

Acro yoga was alllllll full, So hooping is what we did and I felt like a playful kid. It was so fun. We hooped and laughed and learned a little routine and then the hunger creeped in, so off to lunch we went. Also, we planned to sign up mad early next time to get into an acro class.

Final Thoughts:

My first mindfulness triathlon was a success. I am already excited for next year and I hope we get lucky to have the same phenomenal weather.


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