Tax Stress and 30 Day Challenges

Nothing will test your practice like arguing with your husband 15 minutes before you walk out the door for class.  UGH!

I hate money discussions and taxes.  Especially taxes.  I feel like they are unnecessarily complicated and a way for the government to attempt to take more of the money that I work so hard for. I hate doing them every single year, and we had a slight hiccup with my husband’s old business so he is having to scramble for receipts and 1099’s and whatever else.

Hence the argument.  We are such suckers for each other and we can never stay mad long, but I was like, “I HAVE TO GO TO YOGA.”

If your have ever seen that “Fuck That” meditation on YouTube, please go find it.  That was basically my head at the beginning of yoga.  My intention was to let go.  So as I was breathing and becoming more present in the space, my brain was saying…

Let go.

Ugh, he is so annoying and why can’t he just get it done on time…

Let go.

Taxes are trash and we never argue and here we are…

Let go.

Hey, you’re in this space to do you…

Let go.

Haha, taxes are still trash…

Let go started to become more of the flow in my mind as the flow went.  I went home calm, centered and of course he got a taco for me and we mushy made up and talked about how that argument was pointless…lol.

Yoga helps relationships! 🙂

On another note.  I am going strong with my 30 days for yoga and poses!  It has been rough since I wasn’t feeling that great, but I am definitely rounding the bend with this stomach bug!  I am being very gentle and adding foods back very slowly, so my strength is coming back slowly but surely.

Yesterday’s challenge was EPK2.  If you can pronounce and spell what that pose actually is, without looking it up, I’ll give you a shiny penny because what?!

I had never even attempted that sucker, but with a little guidance from my awesome yoga teacher, I present to you my second attempt at EPK2.

Nailed it.



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