Yoga while sick?

Last week, I had lower energy than normal and I couldn’t figure out why until Friday morning.

I woke up to that familiar and never welcomed taste in my mouth and heard all of the noises that my tummy was making up as it went.  Needless to say, I lost a couple of pounds this weekend and didn’t eat too much.

UGH! But I agreed to doing this yoga challenge and I have to get a couple of poses in everyday!

Enter bed yoga.  I did my very first, super gentle flow in the comfort of my bed.  I used the pillows to hug my super upset stomach, weigh down my knees in twists and support my head.  I just did what felt needed.  The only inversion that happened was that I put my legs straight up and rested them on my headboard and repeated my wellness mantra…

“Your immune system works and this will pass.”

Today, I still haven’t eaten a ton and I am not feeling 100%, but I can say I haven’t missed a challenge day OR a day of yoga yet!  Even though my practices haven’t been super long or intense, I’m doing what my body will allow until I’m feeling back up to it.

I really can be one of those yoga every day people!

Also, I have discovered that while my flexibility is slow to come, I am really utilizing my strengths and balances are becoming something that I am good at, so that’s fun.

The journey continues!  Send your healing vibes my way, I need them! 🙂


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