Ashtanga Monday…home edition!

I have never been one to let anything stand in my way, so when my evening Monday Ashtanga got cancelled, I hopped my happy behind on YouTube and found a great beginner, 30 minute Ashtanga practice with Kino Yoga.  I did it last week and here I am again!

Today was a rough go!  My PMS is a bit off the chain so my energy is WAY low. I pushed through (with only one dog interruption), and finished!  I was very proud of the way that I breathed through the tired arms from doing, what felt like, chaturanga (sp?) 17 billion times.  That was a tough.

I have one more hard workout at the gym ahead of me tomorrow, but I’ll focus on that when I get there.  For the rest of the week, it will be low and slow yoga, with lots of breath and props and pillows to still stretch myself out, but also be mindful of the low energy/dull constant pain that I deal with every month.


I have embarked on my first 30 day challenge that I am documenting on IG!  “Do You Yoga” came up with it and I enjoy their content, so I decided to jump into the challenge.  I figured that since I have 30 days of poses, I may as well partner it with 30 days of yoga.  So here I am, day 3, still pretty excited to do it.  I am sure there will be days that yoga is the last thing that I want to do, but I intend to get it done.  Even if I have to do a short 10-15 minute flow every now and again.

I really want this challenge to help me establish my practice and solidify it in my body.  I want this to help me make it a habit. I would love to be one of those yoga every day folks, but I won’t force it.  I will say, I’m only in the 3rd day of this and I feel mentally energetic.  I can’t do much about the physical because…ovaries, but I digress.

I really feel like I am moving forward in a really positive way and I feel like my body is starting to not hate me as much for doing this…lol.  Stretches are starting to feel good again…well with my legs.  Anything with my back/opening my heart is still a pain because I am extra tight there.

The journey continues.


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