Gangsta Rap Yoga

Yoga purists, LOOK AWAY!!

I did my very first power flow class, outside, in a parking lot with the likes of Bone Thugs and Harmony, Snoop Dog, Eminem, etc. playing as I breathed and flowed!

I wasn’t sure how this was going to go.  I wasn’t in the comfort of my little studio surrounded by teachers I know and people that I see weekly.  I took a chance to put my beginner yoga behind out there, in public, in front of people!  I didn’t even bring a friend for support.

Guess what?

I did it.  I feel so blessed by the solid foundation that I have been given to continue to build upon. I knew flows, I knew poses…hell there were even a few in there that I was like “um, what?!” but I breathed it out and I made it happen.  I did forget my breath a few times.  It started warming up, the sun was beaming down and the flow was intense.  I had to take a couple of child’s poses, but jumped right back in the mix.

I did a new pose and I believe it was called plow asana?  You stand on one leg, same arm up and you grab the other foot and lean forward.  Wait, that’s a bow. BOW ASANA!!!  I swear I’ll learn these names eventually.

I am proud of myself for stepping outside of my box and trying a new thing outside of my comfort zone.  That is a huge part of my journey.  Doing something that I have to work hard for and pushing the boundaries.

Speaking of stepping outside of my box, I have now started in IG page to document my journey and progress.  I’m not really sharing it with anyone, if people find me, they can follow, I don’t really mind, this one is for me!

Lastly, doing all of these things remind me that I have no tribe in this journey.  I don’t really have anyone to go to these random events with or call when I have a question about a pose or whatever.  As I am going through this, I have decided to put it out into the universe for a yoga friend!  Now accepting applications…lol.

Namaste, yo!


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