Ashtanga-less Monday

I am so sad that my studio, one of the few in the area, no longer is offering Ashtanga in the evening.  They just started 3 morning classes (I mean, who can even attend those?!), and the PM class has now been removed from the schedule after 5 months.  We didn’t even get a heads up!  I just noticed a change on the schedule and I commented on FB after they promoted the 6am class.  The news was broken via FB comment.

I am legit sad, but I almost secured a year long membership, so I’m glad that I didn’t come out of pocket all of that money to only have a couple of classes to take in my week!

So while I still feel my studio is special and amazing, it may be time to spread my wings a bit and give other studios a shot!  This goes back to my earlier post of not tying my practice to an instructor, or even a studio, because at the end of the day, they are trying to run a business and sometimes they have to do what’s best for business and not me.

However, I am still on the journey (which is still so new) of my practice.  I feel like they have given me a good foundation to go and try elsewhere and not feel out of place or awful.  I think I can hang!

So, this is me embarking and pushing my journey forward.

I just started a little home practice with splits being the focus (I am putting back bends on the table for a moment to focus on one thing at a time…I get excited and overwhelm myself).  I really need to make the space that I practice in, more MY SPACE, but it will work for now and I’ll do my best to do my little 10 minute flow to stretch those splits out everyday!

I started Saturday and already missed yesterday…lol.  Since I have no yoga home today, I have no excuses to get back on track today.  I actually may do that flow and find another just for me.

A little Frankincense in the oil-diffuser and breath in my lungs.  Even though 5 months isn’t much of anything, it looks like I’ll be looking into a new chapter (while still seeing Jenny for Gentle every Wednesday :))


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