Gentle Flow with Smiles

Ok ok.  I know I JUST posted my thoughts about NOT tying my practice to a specific instructor and keeping the practice MY practice…but Jenny is my Wednesday pick me up and I’m sad when she’s not there or I have to miss.

Gentle Flow is on Wednesday, which is perfect since I do Ashtanga on Monday, followed by weight training on Tuesday. By Wednesday, my body needs to still move, but in a more gentle, stretch out what I have done the last two days kind of way.  That’s also the middle of the week and being in education, it’s a mental grind to get to Friday, sometimes, so this class helps!

Jenny is such a joyful instructor and she speaks to the silly, awkward, full of giggles, don’t take yourself too seriously part of me.  She never remembers what leg we are on…

“Just do the opposite of what you just did, everyone!”

She is the queen of props.

” Ooo, you can use a bolster, block, the wall AND a blanket for this pose if you want to just relax.”

She’s super knowledgeable and gives us a million options for poses.

“If you want take this pose to the next level just because you can, do this….or not.”

She’s also super great at getting my extra, always tight shoulders to relax a solid millimeter…lol.  I just really enjoy the variety of the flow in her class and I love the fact that it’s balanced for my body.  We work in our hamstrings and hips, but not too much to where I start feeling achy.

Again, I know that I can’t tie my practice to her, but you bet your ass I will take her class for as long as I possibly can so I can learn and put together my own gentle flow for the sad day that she is no longer there or I can’t attend or whatever. I’ll still get to carry a part of that happy/joyful energy that meshes so well with mine.

I say all this not to be weird, but just to shout out a great teacher. Being in education, I know that the people that give the most, usually don’t receive too much back. So this is my thank you to the awesomeness that is my Wednesday Gentle Yoga leader. 🙂

Namaste indeed!



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