Ashtanga Monday!

It was the first day of Spring so of course my allergies were ON POINT!  Ugh!  The first half of the day was an itchy throat struggle and I seriously thought about skipping my mat time today.

My mind and heart told me to get my life together because missing Ashtanga last week threw my whole week off and that was the only time I was on the mat!  So, my intention for today was to get my behind on the MAT!

Mission accomplished.  This practice was a freakin’ beating. It was unseasonably warm yesterday…like already hit 90 type of warm, so I knew the studio would feel like hot yoga and I was right.

I typically wear a t-shirt (I use natural deodorant so my pits POUR sweat and a tank top doesn’t stop the sweat running down my arm…ew, I know), and leggings to practice.  Lesson learned.  When it hits the 100’s in TX this summer, I would never survive because I was drinking my sweat toward the middle of our practice.  Sports bra and hot pants are going to have to be my summer practice attire.

I asked our teacher to help me with keeping my hips square in various poses and told her that I am going to start to really work toward a split! I apologized to my Ashtanga friends for that one, since she threw splits in our practice.  I am tighter than I remember in a split, so this will have to be a labor of love. I hate the splits and I have always had a super inflexible back and despise back bends.  I think it’s a wheel pose in yoga.  Either way, I have decided to make those two things my “goals.”

They will be my goals because I hate them and avoid them at all costs.  I’m a learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and going head first into what I’m not good at because I lean on what I AM good at so often.  I have to grow at some point so no time better than now.

Full on sugar cleanse is on hold for the time being. I’m just not feeling it and I don’t want to torture myself right now so,  I will ease my way into it, but my fun cocktails are first.  While I don’t indulge in drinks too much, that is certainly sugar that I don’t need right now, so that is out first as it is the easiest for me to avoid.  Once I have a week down with that, I’ll pick a new sugary thing to avoid and so on.



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