Ashtanga Monday

Back at Ashtanga! I hated to miss last week for open house, but that job allows me to do this, so I should count my blessings.

Class today was amazing…I am finally getting the hang of it and remembering what pose comes next so I didn’t focus on that as much. This class was all about breathing.

There was a new guy next to me and while she kept reminding everyone to breathe in and out of their nose (which she rarely does), homeboy sounded like a wind machine…lol. That should have annoyed me, but he reminded me to keep breathing so this was a very breathy practice.

I also figured out how to pull my belly button up and in! That gave me extra space to stretch into my seated forward folds and even stadnding folds.

All of these things taught me that you don’t have to fix all of the 17 things your instructor asks you to check in with. Once you fix one thing, you move on to the next.

This was a practice of remembering the basics: breathe, and adding more depth in my stretches.

I also learned that I can almost float my feet through the front after jumping out of down dog. My strengths are random and surprise me all the time.

On a cooler note, there will be an Ashtanga workshop in a couple of months at our studio so I am super interested in going to that and getting a real breakdown of all of the asanas. I’m really looking forward to that experience.


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