February Joys




This is a picture of my sweet Sammy from 2/19. He’s a joy everyday. ❀

Back again with things that gave me joy this month!

2/1- Saaaanging “You Don’t Have To Call” by Usher all loud in my car on the way home from work.
2/2-Sammy being extra playful and running around. He’s the sweetest little old man, dog. 😊
2/3- All day training was short and getting to know a new co-worker better while lunching at Eatzies
2/4-Made a healthy shopping list in bed.
2/5-Awesome walk around White Rock with my love.
2/6-Positive grade chats with the students I check weekly.
2/7-Catching up with my Chris!
2/8- Discussing a pep rally performance with dream dance group
2/9- Pizza for dinner on National Pizza Day!
2/10-Being celebrated for National School Counselors week by the 6th grade team.
2/11- Sammy had a great sugar curve
2/12-Spending the whole day with my love
2/13-Supporting another school in their moment of tragedy
2/14- Quiet night at home with my Valentine
2/15-Appreciating the little bit of maturity my 6th graders are showing
2/16-Dropping everything to just talk
2/17-I made a great shrimp scampi from Home Chef
2/18- Hearing a mother scream at her kids Β to sit down and know that won’t have to be me.
2/19- My Dad’s crunchy, sweet delicious pancakes.
2/20-A quiet day on campus with no kids!
2/21- One of my dance group kiddos doing a solo for the whole school and killing it!
2/22-Dance group kids lit up for their dance combo to Missy Elliott today. Counselor of the year is mine for sure now πŸ™‚
2/23-It’s 84 degrees outside! ❀
2/24-Pay day!
2/25- Lunch with my husband and folks
2/26-Lazy couch/movie day with J
2/27-Chicken Parm from Eatzies is amazing.
2/28-On a very rare occasion, I have a bad day. Today was that day. However, I have been writing down one joy a day since the New Year. Today, I had to dig deep. Joys of the day:
1. My trainer let me throw things
2. My husband and sister friend let me bitch for 10 straight minutes without taking a breath
3. I deep conditioned my hair and shaved my legs
4. I had turkey bacon, an English muffin and fruit for dinner


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