What do I focus on?!

The week before spring break always sucks the life out of me and the fact that I have to pull double time at work, (open house and additional professional development that has to be outside of the school day), and miss 2 out of 3 of my yoga classes, totally annoys me.  I have to roll with it, so today I am thinking about what to focus on.

If you see the picture above, it’s all about how to master Eagle pose!  There are 8 different things that you are supposed to focus on in conjunction with breathing and not focusing on how that one part of your butt hurts.  That is only for one asana.  We do a lot of asanas in yoga, so how do you determine what to focus on?

For example, my forward fold still has very bent legs (my hamstrings are tighter than a guitar string), however, if I continue to focus on my chest resting on my legs, I’m never actually stretching the hamstring that I need to be more flexible, so what am I supposed to do?  Continue focusing on the chest/thigh connection or just hang and try to lengthen that hamstring?

There are so many poses in yoga, where does the mastery come from?  Again, I am just along for the journey and while I am seeing small flexibility improvements, I do wonder when the mastery will come in.  Even just one pose.  I would love to be able to nail one full expression of a pose in perfect alignment, that I previously have not been able to do.  I for sure know that will come with consistency and more practice, but is that something that I need to take outside of class?  Do I just pick on thing and that’s the pose that I stretch for everyday and attempt every single day?  To me, that seems like I am taking away from the essence of yoga and just focusing on the pose for the sake of a pose, but I’m kind of goal oriented like that.

I have so many questions.  It may be time to look into attending a workshop or two where they can slow down and really explain some stuff to me.  When you go in not knowing much, you just go with the flow.  Now that I have been at it for a moment, I’m starting to wonder what will be the next thing to push me to the next level.  Class is difficult enough, I would love to find one pose that I can truly rest in.

Until then, I will stay the course, and try to focus on one thing in each pose.  Once I have mastered that one thing, I’ll move on to the next thing to fix.  I’m going to be yoga-ing until I’m 119 trying to adjust all of that, but it’s all good.  Yoga certainly agrees with my mind and body.

Also, if you know any of the answers to these or where to find the answers to these questions, short of cornering on of my yoga instructors (which they would be fine with because they are awesome), please let me know!


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