More veggies in my LIFE

So, in my quest to always improve (aka get my shit together), I am trying to incorporate a couple of vegetarian days into my weeks.  Less meat, more alternative protein sources and certainly more greens.

A few years back I had a pretty bad yeast overgrowth situation.  Yes, a yeast infection would pop up every now and again, but the tummy issues is what really made me get it together. I cut all sugar (even fruit), cut gluten, all processed foods and added lean meats, and tons of greens, low dairy and I took a few supplements to clean my system out. I have never dieted in my life and I usually eat whatever I want, so being this strict was a fun challenge and the fact that I didn’t feel like crap was an amazing motivator. I’m a thin girl already, but changing my diet like that really leaned me out and I felt AMAZING.  I am NOT a morning person, but during those couple of months of repairing my tummy and cleaning my system, I would pop out of bed feeling energized and rested in the mornings.

Cut to now and I’m back on team cookies and chips because who can be that strict for their whole life without trying to kill someone?! I am a foodie, so whatever. I still eat pretty well, still drinking no soda and the sugar that I do consume for the most part is in the morning (I love my cream and sugar in my English Breakfast tea after I have had my lemon water), but I could certainly do better.  I get lazy and don’t incorporate greens like I need to!

There is an amazing vegetarian place near my house that does meals that you just heat and eat.  All vegetarian, no dairy, and it tastes amazing.  They have been there the whole time we have lived there (this will be our 4th year in our first purchased home!) and I just walked in there last week.  So I told my husband that I would start incorporating this into our weeks!  At first he gave me the side-eye, but then he started eating some of the breakfast tacos (quinoa and black bean…to DIE for) and he had a little vegan lasagna and he was sold.

I popped in yesterday to load up with some stuff to finish this week veggie strong and I hit a roadblock today.  Tex Mex bowl was not at all up my alley.  The flavor was delicious and consistent with their other meals.  Rice, beans, peppers and onions with an avocado dressing and some red dressing.  It looked pretty, smelled great and tasted good at first and then it came down to texture.

The texture…I just can’t even eat an entire bowl of beans and rice.  Then the crunchy yet soft texture of the bell pepper.  All of that mixed together was not working for me.  At all. No. UGH!

So, still on the veggie quest, that one dish didn’t work for me, but so many of their other dishes work for me and I will be trying more things as time goes on.  Of course I will be making my own stuff at home as well, but now more than ever, I need to be honest with myself when it comes to texture.  I can only choke down so much before I’m over it and I certainly don’t want to be wasteful.

Gentle yoga this evening!  Another day of thanking my body for being a functioning body.  Here’s to getting my nutrition even tighter so I can thank my body with each bite, too.


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