Ashtanga Monday!

Back at it!

It’s strange how I take a week off and can get into positions that I couldn’t even attempt previously.  We had no music this class.  Just our breath, energy and intentions were the soundtrack to this class and it was very mind clearing.

I’m totally into oils, so I put a little bit of “Envision” oil on my leather bracelet, to help me stay focused and open up my mind to any passing through thoughts while in my practice. No, I’m not selling oils, but I make scents a part of my practice to boost me when tired and focus me when feeling flighty.  I was hoping to envision myself hitting something that I haven’t before and…BAM…headstand.

Full disclosure, I have been doing headstands since I was 3 years old.  I don’t remember not being able to do one, but the last time we got to this pose (using forearms only), I felt super unstable and didn’t even attempt it.  Yesterday it flowed through me just like my breath.

I was even able to grab my big toe in this twisty stretch where your foot is in lotus (?) and your other leg is straight and you twist and then lean over the straight leg.  One day I’ll actually start paying attention to the names of things or at least asking because…I know  Anyway, my right hip was being very giving and I appreciated it.

My left hip was tight and pissed as usual, so that pose didn’t work on the opposite side.  I’ll get her together one day, I just know it.

I also need to work on toe and ankle flexibility.  I notice when I am sitting in lotus, my ankle tends to start aching, so I need to find the work around for that.

On track to hit my usual gym session today even though my arms are tired from doing a billion chaturanga (sp is so wrong I’m sure…sorry!) to up dog to down dogs.

Working out is my way of thanking my body.  That small shift in thought has been pretty profound in this short time.  I’ll get back to you in a few months to see if I believe myself, but so far so good. I noticed when I woke up this morning, I stretched a little and then thought, I am looking forward to thanking my body this afternoon.  That is a mind shift for sure.

I slept horribly and would normally agonize all day about having to lift weights, but I know my body will allow me to get through this workout and I’m sure I’ll sleep well and soundly.

I am going to do my best to put together a set of stretches that I do each night, focused on my hamstrings, hips and maybe shoulders.



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