Breaks happen

I have been off of the mat all week long.  Granted, it was shark week for me and my body was less than energetic and certainly not pain free, so I almost always take a few days off when that time comes, out of respect for what my body is dealing with.

I haven’t done ANY workouts this week.

I’m also not judging myself for it.  Disappointed? Nope.  Ashamed? Nope.

If anything, I feel like I have not thanked my body for doing all of the work that it does everyday by giving it what it asks for.  I am not going to beat myself up for a lull.

This also speaks to how working out in general is mostly mental.  If I just get dressed and show up, I win.  It’s the getting dressed and in the car part after I have pet my dog and taken my pants off to rest on the couch, after a long day, that is the hard part.

Yesterday I skipped yoga to just sit with my husband and visit with him.  I have been missing him this week.  We have been busy and taking care of responsibilities and commitments and others and not taking time for each other.  Sometimes that needs to happen and that was time NOT wasted.  Watering our little relationship is always fun.

I say all of this to say, there will be weeks/months/years that you are killing it, feeling strong and flexible. Then there will be weeks/months/years where you are just a hot mess.

I need to stay in the place of making my yoga practice (and gym sessions) about being thankful.  I was raised to be respectful and thankful for the things in my life and it has always served me well.

So, next week…I start again.  I will be thankful that I am healthy in mind, body and spirit and give my body what it needs.  Back on the mat.


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