Tuesday Flow

Traditionalists, go ahead and clutch your pearls and draw a good breath for a loud gasp, but…

Yoga to Frank Ocean was dope as shit.

I brought Bon Iver and Aretha Franklin and the moment I saw “Blond,” I hoped and hoped his number (the dude who brought it), would be pulled, and it was.

So…my super awesome yoga spot does a thing called Super Vinyl where you bring some albums, we draw numbers and flow to whatever the case is.  Apparently our instructor had her cheerios with extra asanas in it today, because we were flowing fast and doing the most.  To the point where I actually had to stop and say, ” I don’t know what that pose is, I need help.”  HAHA!!

I also am happy that the rest of the class was on the struggle bus with me because  they were stuck there as well.  We all had a laugh and adjusted that asana and then we were on to the next.

There was so much energy in the flow and I felt pretty good body awareness.  My hips and hamstrings are still my roadblocks, but they are lengthening millimeter by millimeter…probably less than that, but movement is movement.

Normally I go to the gym on Tuesdays, but I think I may need to shuffle my schedule so I can attend this awesome class more often!

Super Vinyl for the win!

Sidenote: Why the hell is this week taking so long?!


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