January Joys

In my effort to be more present and mindful, I have charged myself with writing down one thing that has given me joy everyday. No matter how shitty the day was, I have to find at least one thing.  Since I have this little online journal that I’ve started, I figure that I can store them here to look back on:

1/1- Sammy was on the couch by himself for too long and I hear his little paws from my bed. I open the bedroom door to see a wagging tail. He comes in and I help him on the bed. He just HAD to find me. So sweet.

1/2- Been with this man 11years and he still tries to cop a feel when I’m helping him stretch.

1/3- Back to work and so many people got an oil diffuser for Christmas because they smell mine in my office everyday! Oily team!

1/4- Teaching the dream dance group how to structure a practice/I ran it…lol

1/5- My dad coming to the phone out of the shower, still wet, just to hear me sing happy birthday to him. ❤

1/6-The fact that it’s Friday!

1/7- A grilled cheese with bacon and a glass of Meiomi Pinot Noir….the fine balance between eating like a child and drinking like an adult

1/8-Atlanta won a golden globe!

1/9- Seeing small progress in my yoga practice. I can now maintain a flat back in half forward fold and touch the ground instead of my shins! Go tight hamstrings!

1/10- Great weather complemented by part of my workout happening outside due to 78 degree weather!

1/11-A little girl told me she thought she was ugly. I told her to tell me a good thing about her. She said she couldn’t think of anything. I told her I liked her shirt and asked if she picked out her clothes and she said, “yeah.” So I said look at that! You have all these cute outfits, you have good fashions. The smile on her face made my heart smile. She believed me and knew that about herself. She then went on to list that she was a good friend. My job can really suck the life out of me, but these are the moments that give me life.

1/12-Sharing a yoga session with James. His very first yoga class!

1/13- Surviving Ben’s drive to Steamboat 😖

1/14- I survived a 3 hr long snowboard lesson and ended it with a shot of tequila.

1/15-Skipped snowboarding and spent solo time in the bar with Mimosas, white chocolate mochas, bagels and hard ciders

1/16-Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Small hike on ice covered rock leading to the most intimate experience with the opposite forces of nature. Sitting in a hot spring while gazing at the surrounding trees and feet of snow, in complete dark. Amazing.

1/17-Sleeping in my sweet sweet bed after being gone for 5 days

1/18- Sammy coming home from boarding looking happy and healthy! ❤

1/19- A kid telling me that I’m their favorite person to come and talk to about life.

1/20-The memes of Michelle Obama giving the new president the side-eye😂

1/21-James being sick and letting me Lounge in bed with cramps and wash my freshly unbraided hair, while he tidied up the house and did laundry. ❤

1/22-Purging my closet. The beginning of minimizing my life possessions!

1/23- After a week off from Yoga, the sweet sweet sleepy calm feeling is back after my welcome back class

1/24-Semi making Sammy move off of the bed that she rarely lays on…lol

1/25- The bomb ass avocado, chicken and strawberry salad  with olive oil and balsamic dressing that I made.

1/26- My principal said, “You know, when you’re involved in things, shit gets done.”

1/27- I got a relaxer and my hair is healthy!

1/28-Being dubbed the favorite couple of our kickball crew.😂

1/29-Catching up with Paris over brunch and Mimosas

1/30-Reading fortunes on the mic at lunch from the fortune cookies my 6th graders received while wearing the most bomb rainbow wig

1/31-Yoga flow to Frank Ocean and Bon Iver. ❤


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