My body told me “no”

Most times, I go to the mat with the intention of stretching, finding space in my body and mind.  This class, all of those intentions went right out the window and I just wanted my body to NOT BE SORE from my Tuesday gym session.  Since I am no longer strength training to support a snowboard trip, my trainer busted out the weights again and GAVE IT TO ME!  I was so sore the next day.

Jenny asked, as she always does…”How are you and what’s going on with your body?”

SORE!! I’m sore and need a pigeon pose held so long that I cry.

She was awesome.  I slowly moved through each pose.  It helped that there was a super new girl there that day, so she was able to slow the pace down for her and I didn’t mind because I felt like my muscles were trying to rip away from my bones…lol.  Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but I was struggling.

This practice was different because, while I was flowing through breath, there were lots of props being moved around and giggles and smiles and while my body felt heavy, the class and my spirit felt light.  I love that about Jenny’s class.  There is a “don’t take yourself too seriously” energy.

I skipped yoga yesterday so I could rest my body and sleep.  I was still feeling very sore and extremely exhausted.  It has been a long week and some days, you have to listen to your body.  I know they say that the times you don’t want to practice are exactly the days you should be on your mat.  I did that on Wednesday.  I just couldn’t dig deep enough for Thursday.

I want to feel bad about missing, but in practicing to be present in my body and pay attention to what I need, I know that extra dog snuggles and chats with my husband and resting was what my body and spirit needed yesterday.  So I gave myself that permission and I feel good about that.

With that being said, I’ll try again, next week, to maintain my schedule of moving my body 4 days minimum.


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