Back at Ashtanga

Today, my practice was just like my day.  A little frantic, unfocused and messy, but just like everyday, I made it to the end.  I’m not counting this practice as a loss because instead of saying, “Today was insane, fuck this noise, I’m eating cookies on my couch and skipping class,” I showed up.

On my mat.

Ready to do what my body allowed.

Full disclosure, I went snowboarding last week, promptly followed by a host of cramps upon my return, so I have been away for a week.  I need to stretch at home more often. When I got home, I already felt my back tightening up on me.  Just creeping around the house like a hunchback…lol

Even with my week absence, I’m slowly learning to be more body mindful.  Just today, while I was working, I noticed my stomach was tense as well as my jaw.  Now I’m not sure what emotions are held where, but that was crazy.  I noticed and relaxed those muscles and took a couple of breaths.  That counts as taking your practice off the mat, right?!

Back to class:  I was slow and tight and clumsy and holding my breath and watching others’ poses and unfocused and struggling, but I was there, learning more about my practice and myself.  This practice is bringing me way more mental and spiritual than I anticipated!

Om shanti shanti??  I just want to say “sashay, shante” 🙂


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