Ashtanga Monday!

Yay!!! Everyone was back from vacation and I didn’t have to do this intense class all by myself!  Thank goodness.  Sarah was sick today so we had a new instructor.  I can tell that Sarah does traditional Ashtanga.  She starts with the chanting and we have to to a million up and down dogs in between asanas.  This instructor did Ashtanga light and we got to just straight up switch sides when we did floor poses…HA!  I was thankful because the first half was intense and my arms were killing me.

I am starting to enjoy the difficulty of this class.  I flowed really well and my breathing was on point, for the most part.  The most exciting part of the whole practice was that I am starting to notice my muscles changing and my flexibility slowly returning.  I have been doing the modified half forward fold since I started back in October.  Guess who has an aligned spine and can touch the ground in that asana now?!  THIS GIRL!!!

Now, my excitement may seem trivial, but the whole point of this yoga journey is to enjoy the ride and the struggles and celebrate my successes, no matter how small they may seem.  I see a tiny bit of flexibility or the fact that I don’t have to modify and I’m taking that as a win for the week!

Continuing on in my fitness journey, I have a training session at the gym, gentle yoga on Wednesday (Jenny is back! Yay!) and my husband will be joining me at gentle yoga on Thursday, so that should be a story all by itself. 🙂

I’ll be back after another mat session or two! 🙂



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