Enter Ashtanga

Soooo….I tried my 2nd Ashtanga class last night.  That is the bendy, twisty, what the hell am I getting myself into Yoga.  This is where all of those dope ass poses come from.  Your girl was not near the vast majority of these poses, but I had moments where I did surprise myself!  I underestimate my strength and body awareness sometimes.  While I am not a seasoned yogi, I do have pretty good understanding of my body via dance and such.

It was just me….Sarah, the instructor, actually practiced with me to help create energy in the room, which was awesome.  I was able to breathe with her and look at her to guidance on these poses.  She began class, by asking me how I was doing and if I was having any issues.  Now when a regular person asks you how you are doing, most people bullshit and say, “Oh I’m good.”  In yoga, it’s a whole different question.  It means are you tight anywhere, have you had an emotionally charged day, how far along are you in your practice, what are you focusing on?  It’s a loaded question.

I told her that this was my 10th class overall, and I finally felt like I’m in a place in my life where I am welcoming the mental calm that yoga provides.  The strength and flexibility is secondary to me at this point.  I’m just showing up on the mat 2-3 times a week and seeing where it takes me.  I am learning to appreciate the journey!

She focused on my breath, which I feel like I did a much better job at this time.  Breathing in and out and moving poses in sync.  It felt good and EXHAUSTING.  I am not really sore today, but achy.  I could say that I really wasn’t thinking about anything for a vast majority of that class. Just posing and REALLY focusing on breathing to forget that I was there by myself and wanting to lay down.  I have never gotten into savasana so fast when she told me to lie down!  That was welcomed and needed at the end of that practice.  It was awesome.  I look forward to more of that class and leaving my troubles at the door, as well as bringing some troubles in with me and breathing through it.

PS- What is going on in that chant?  What does it mean? How did she learn that.  I’m so intrigued.



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