Yoga 3

Sweet Jesus. I was the only one in class today. Just me and the lovely Jessica Jordan in an 80 degree space. No breaks. All me and I struggled. Like dripping sweat, where the hell did this cardio come from, struggle.

In this practice :

-I found that I really need to work on keeping my hips square through multiple poses. That means my leg doesn’t get to go as high, hence not looking as cool or getting the stretch I thought I was supposed to get through that pose. I have to get over that and just meet myself where I am.

-I noticed that I hold my breath in the beginning of an asana and then remember my breath and try to get back into that flow.

-I’m super clumsy when I’m using the blocks vs moving the blocks out of the way to do another pose.

-I got all the way through the class, which was my intention. I felt confidant and strong and proud in 3 poses (Warrior 1 and 2 and plank) and that makes me excited since I clearly have sooooo much more work to do and space to create in my foundation.

I am ok with doing the work to see progress in my practice. No gracefully bowing out of it this time. I am doing my best to go on the days I definitely don’t want to go. Today was day two and the height of my cramps and with a little Panaway oil (Thanks Jessica for feeling my woman pain) I handled business while my energy is at its lowest.

I would love for this to make a great tomorrow, but until I see if that can be a reality, I will enjoy my current relaxation/stretched feeling from this practice. I can do this.


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