Yoga 2

This comes a few days after the fact, but I did come back to it. Wednesday, I tried a gentle flow class. I had a different teacher, Jenny and she was dope.  My intention was the same, to just be there. Since this was an actual class, I did find myself starting to have shallow breath, while listening to what she was saying, while struggling to balance and hold poses. I can say this is when I usually say, “Yoga is not for me,” and never return.

This time was different.

I shut that thought down, relaxed into the pose and breathed through it. I thanked myself for being so kind to me and not giving up on this journey to being present and positive.

I am good at most things I do, without effort or I figure out the work around. I don’t get to do that with this. My focus is the journey. This will lead me to discover a new part of my outside of my comfort zone. 35 is a couple days away, time to glow up! 😊

Here is the review that I gave the studio on Yelp (instead of writing here first):

“So glad I went with my gut on a place to try yoga, one more time. I have attended a beginner series class led by Jessica and a gentle class led by Jenny and I am impressed.
I’m a super beginner yogi and I don’t feel intimidated by an already established “clique-y” vibe that I have felt at other studios. I feel welcomed and not pressured to bust out the latest Instagram yoga pose!
This studio is allowing me to do this at a pace that I feel comfortable, while learning to enjoy the process and not the end goal of super dope poses.
I appreciate the knowledge and the stripped down, not fancy style of the instructors. This is not your normal studio. This is what yoga should feel like. Authentic. I feel like I have stumbled upon something really special that will encourage me to keep showing up on the mat each week.”

Here is the owner’s response:

Lovely Janet,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your review of Super Yoga Palace on Yelp. They just sent me the alert and I read it with tears in my eyes. I needed that encouragement today.

Thank you for being a special part of this #SYPFamily 💕🙏

You know I’m in this when I’m on day 2 of my monthlies, heating pad attached to me (shout out to these insane cramps), and I am still going to class this afternoon.


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