Yoga Day 1

Placeholder ImageIn my attempt to work on remaining present, I have started my yoga journey today.

Now, I have been to a couple of yoga classes over the years at gyms and such and I was always bored to tears and never saw (or cared) about the value of what was being taught. I also don’t think I’ve had super amazing instructors and I always just wanted to get to the part where I was super flexible and could do all those bad ass poses that I see on Instagram. Basically, I set myself up for failure.

In my search, Super Yoga Palace just seemed to be the organic, yoga only space that I felt moved to go to. I just finished my first class and my gut was right. A fellow JJ (Jessica Jordan) is the owner of the studio, so she was the perfect start to this journey.

Upon walking into the studio, it was chaos. The bottom floor is under construction, but the moment I walked up the stairs to my new beginning and opened the door, I was met with incense, calm music and an instructor with a warm, calm, strong energy.

In all honesty, we didn’t do much and a lot all at the same time. Breath is what lead the movement. I did pretty good for a first timer, recognizing that I stopped breathing or moved into shallow breath during a pose and I was able to bring myself back to deep, meaningful breath. This is going to be crucial to my practice and presence.

The end of class was in a resting pose, essential oils were in the mix (my absolute favorite), she gave us a little neck rub to help us recieve and be thankful to ourselves forwhat we just did, and I left class feeling calm and centered to finish out my evening. An amazing start to the week.

My goal with this practice is to do the hardest thing, as she said many times, just show up. Show up, be present and not focus on the end game and the bad ass poses, but just show up. Be honest with myself and receive (as well as conribute) positive energy to this space. Lord, I sound like a hippie already.

In regards to being honest: My knees and big toe hurt from sitting on my feet. I need to figure that one out for sure…lol.

Breathe and be.


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